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Blog  //  Restoration Services

August 3, 2011 Posted by Mike Campbell in Water Damage

Choosing A Water Damage Restoration Company

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If you are a homeowner, chances are you may have to deal with water damage sometime down
the road. In wet and humid climates, there is always the risk of flooding. But even if you live
in a dry climate, you could still end up with damage from a plumbing problem like a broken
pipe or toilet overflowing. When your home suffers from extensive damage due to flooding, it is
important to find a water damage restoration company that can clean up your mess and get your
house back to normal as affordably as possible.

Unfortunately, not all flood cleanup and water damage restoration contractors are created equal.
As with many other industries, you have your above board companies and your 'fly by nights.'
Here are some things to look out for to make sure you hire a reputable water damage restoration company:

1. Is the Company Certified?

The first thing to make sure of with the flood cleanup or water damage company you deal with
is that they are fully certified by all applicable governing agencies and follow all state and local
regulations. Ask for the company's license number and if necessary, verify the information they
give you with the state. You may also want to check them out for any complaints with your local
Better Business Bureau.

2. Who Does Their Actual 'Work'?

This is important because the last thing you want in your home are 3rd party subcontractors
with questionable qualifications. Ask the company if they perform their work "in house" or if
they outsource it. It is best to work with a water damage restoration company that does most (or ideally all) of their work "in house."

3. Is the Company Licensed to Perform ALL the Necessary Work?

Water damage restoration is more than just flood cleanup. It also includes structural drying
to make sure mold or other moisture-related problems do not occur in the future. After the
structural drying is completed, it may be necessary to build back or remodel areas of your home
that were affected by the water damage. Dealing with a company that has a general contractor
license will make the process much smoother. It will insure that you can deal with one company
from start to finish that has expertise in all necessary areas-from flood cleanup to structural
drying to remodeling.

4. Is the Company 'Real'?

With so many scams going around these days, this is an important question to ask. The water
damage restoration company you deal with should have pictures of their staff right on their
website, so you know you are dealing with a reputable company.

5. Does the Company Work with Major Insurers?

Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be a headache for the average homeowner.
Figuring out what's covered and what's not and how to navigate the seemingly endless maze
of policy restrictions can be a daunting task. When hiring a water damage restoration company,
make sure they have a working relationship with the major insurers, so you can let them deal
with these headaches and ensure minimal out of pocket expenses for you.

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